Q : How often do you find the right person?

A : Once!


7 thoughts on “..onCe..

  1. dear Iren or Indah??
    how did i call u??
    hmm sepertinya lagi desperate ya??
    sabar ya jenk.. life is just like o box of chocolate..


  2. Ruth says:

    Wew… saya belum pernah ngerasa nemu ‘the right person’ nih. Hikss… tapi suka ama cowok sering.. gimana dong?
    Apa sih tanda2nya sampe tau he’s the one for you?

  3. How we define this ‘right’ thing ??? Once upon a time I found someone who I thought to be ‘right’, but in the end I was ‘wrong’. Waiting for the next ‘right’ thing, hopefully this will be the real ‘right’ one, cause if not I will ended in the asylum right away he he he… (just kidding, but I kind of like the word ‘right’, right ???)

  4. @Okie : yah mau manggil Irene jg boleh, emm lagi kangen aja ama si Once *halah*

    @Ruth : See someone with u’re heart not with u’re eyes

    @Dewa108 : mnrt aQ mas, yah seseorg yg bisa bikin kita ngerasa complete. Klo belum ketemu yah sabar aja. Yang pasti semuanya bakalan indah pada waktunya *nyanyi2 lagunya delon feat Irene*

    @Eka : Iya masih sabar koq nungguin 😛

    @rlyna : Iya sama koq, someday yg kita ga pernah tau kapan pastinya..

    @dharto : Makanya om bacanya make hati *ngasal*, pdhal dmn2 baca tuh makke mata 😀

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